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Aneurine Barnard in “Mary Queen of Scots” as Lord Darnley


I love college football, but sometimes it just makes my head hurt. 

There are at least 99 things wrong with this picture, but that banner is THE ABSOLUTE WORST. 

For context, Oklahoma State is a state university in a place with a large Native American population and the home state of the modern Cherokee Nation. They open their season today against Florida State, where athletic teams are called the Seminoles (with the express permission of the Seminole Tribe of Florida). 

The sign references the Trail of Tears, a tragic event in American history where thousands of Native Americans (including large numbers of Cherokee) were forcibly relocated from their ancestral lands in the southeastern part of the country (including Florida) to Oklahoma. 

So this banner is either offensive and incorrect, or a very deliberate and caustic attempt to reverse history. This is Oklahoma State though, so I’m just going to go ahead and assume rampant stupidity. 

ETA: The school has officially dissociated itself from the banner, at least on Twitter

OSU does not condone the insensitive sign shown at today’s GameDay event and have requested that it be removed. (@okstate) 


30 Days of Downton Abbey

Day 3: Favourite episode

❤︎ episode 01x04 - what’s not to love in this episode?




Modern Richard and Anne.